Recent updates by Apple on iOS have resulted in playback issues for Lupa (while affecting quite a few other developers too). When playing through a chapter, the screen becomes unresponsive and the user cannot pause the playback or perform other actions. The audio will only stop when it reaches the end of the chapter. Often, you can only exit the screen by force-quitting the app. 

While we are working on a fix, here's a workaround:

  1. After force-quitting Lupa and reopening the app, open the player (on any chapter of any story) — but don't press play!
  2. Tap the "gear" icon near the bottom left of the screen to open the Listening Assistance Settings Panel. (If you don't see it, you may have to tap the "lightbulb" icon to show the assistance bar).
  3. Uncheck the box at the bottom for "Auto-show passage hints" (see screenshot below).
  4. Close the Listening Assistance Settings Panel.

Now you should be able to play the story without problems. You won't see the automatic interstitial each time a new passage starts, but you'll see a tilde button ("~") on the bottom right when there's a new hint, and you can tap that safely.