The added value of Lupa & the Jiveworld Method

On you can listen to all their stories, view the transcripts and read the English translations. If you just want to understand the story through reading, then you don't need Lupa.

If your goal is to listen to the podcast and digest the content with Spanish-only inputs, but you’re not there yet, Lupa is here to help.  Lupa employs the Jiveworld Method, designed for ear-training and quickly expanding a learner’s vocabulary. A host of features including selective redaction, time-stretching, tricky bits, listening prompts and tracking, etc. as well as added content (chapters, hints, and notes) are all at your fingertips and travel with you wherever you go. The Lupa app helps you get further with much less time and effort. Many of our Lupa subscribers graduate to listening to Radio Ambulante stories without assistance within a year (or less) of consistent usage. A short-term subscription will empower you to listen for free — forever.