Adding words to your vocabulary list & accessing them later

Expanding your passive vocabulary — the words you recognize — is essential to listening fluency (and therefore spoken fluency). In most language courses you learn only the formal and narrow definitions of words and phrases. In Lupa, you get to see them in full context and translated idiomatically. Language is alive and organic, and relying on word lists and flashcards without context is less useful than most believe.  

As you listen to a story and follow the transcript, you will see some words underlined in green. These are vocabulary words and phrases selected by our language editors.

When you tap on a vocabulary to view its definition, it will be automatically added to your personal vocabulary list for the story. 

If you don't want to keep the vocabulary, just tap the Remove button.

To view your vocab list, tap the green Vocab button above the chapter card. 

You will then see your list on the episode’s main page.

We are currently developing a unique vocabulary review feature, but in the meantime, you can use this list to look over the words you've selected.

If you're interested in making flashcards from your vocab lists, see this article.

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